viernes, 8 de julio de 2011

World Cup RE

Spain crowned World Champion in Johannesburg.

Download the patch here
This mod tries to make the uniforms of the teams in the game as real as possible. 'RE' stands as 'Real Edition'.

It wasn't odd to me find out that most of the team equipments weren't like that in real life. Probably, I wasn't aware of national football teams the first time I played World Cup in that glorious 3 in 1 cartridge qith Super Mario BROS and Tetris.

I found this a good oportunity to learn how to modify NES palettes and I have to say that the results are pretty decent, given that you have to use the same colour for shorts and shirt. It was a bit tricky to make differences between USA, England and Germany (which dress with white colours); Italy, France and Japan (which dress with a dark blue colours); or Argentina with a no striped shirt.

The utilities I used were:
- NESticle v042 to knew the colours and palettes.
- Translhextion to edit palettes in hex.

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