viernes, 8 de julio de 2011

Ufouria RS

This is the way Shades might have looked
Download the patch here
Finally Shades the ghost wears the red cap from the european cover and the world of Ufouria adapts to its new colour. 'RS' stands for 'Red Shades'.

Ufouria is one of my favourite NES games. It was the first game that I paid with my own money sometime during summer 1993..

It caught my attention that in the cover the character was wearing a red cap instead of a pink one like in the game.Perhaps the company though it would be better for sales?. My first though was the the NES couldn't handle that colour the game, but this mod has probe that wrong. If the reason was commercial stuff, they could have changed the sprite just as they did with other characters from the original japanese game: Hebereke.

The utilities I used were:
- NESticle v042 to knew the colours and palettes.
- Translhextion to edit palettes in hex.

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