viernes, 8 de julio de 2011

Super Mario BROS S

Download the patch here
This is a graphical update from the classic Super Mario BROS with the style of its third NES episode.

The starting idea was to create a custom world for Super Mario BROS 3 but the game had so many possibilities for a novice like me that I used a simplier game. Althought Super Mario BROS has an iconic graphic style I prefer the style of its third part, even more than the sequel on Super Nintendo.

And after that, I felt that SMB already had used all of its gameplay possibilities and that anything new I would try to make would be repetitive. And that's how this project finished.

The utilities I used were:
- DirectEd to edit sprites.
- NESticle v042 to knew the colours and palettes.
- Translhextion to edit palettes in hex.

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