viernes, 8 de julio de 2011

Kakariko Village in GoldenEye

Ocarina of Time + GoldenEye 007 = a dream comes true
Download the patch here
I've been working on this for two moths and it's finally finished! This 2011 'The Legend of Zelda' franchise gets 25 years old. This is my way to commemorate its anniversary.

'The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time' and 'GoldenEye 007' are two of my favourite Nintendo 64 games. I'm very proud of mixing them in such an amazing way and that anyone can play it.

All the interiors have been modelled and are accesible. You can open the windows for great gunfire. I've made some modifications to the original map: you can access the windmill upper corridors from its interior, you can go to Impa's house from its back side, and the Potion shop alley is now open.

The level runs pretty good for 2 players, but it gets laggy for 3 and 4 players. The number of players will change the environment of Kakariko: there's a sunny day for 2P, a beautiful dawn for 3P and a stormy afternoon for 4P.

Thanks to the 'GoldenEye Vault' and 'Shooters Forever' forums people, specially radorn, SubDrag, Wreck and Zoinkity. Without their help this wouldn't been posible, or the final level wouldn't be so spectacular.

The utilities I used were:
-'1964 v1.1' emulator and 'Nemu 64 graphics (combine debug)' graphic plugin for extracting the geometry of the map in VRML format and textures in BMP
-'3D Studio MAX R6' for converting the VRML into DWG
-AutoCAD 2004 to edit the DWG file, modelling interiors, creating colisons, portals... and exporting the files to 3DS format.
-'DeleD CE' to import the 3DS files, texturing, grouping geometry and export it all to OBJ format.
-'Paint Shop PRO 7' and 'Irfan View' for editing some textures.
-'GE Setup Editor' for editing the GoldenEye rom: adding textures to the rom, injecting the level, fix and colour textures, adding shadows and lights, edit the colision (clipping) and portals, put guns and spawn points, modify the skies settings, change the image and name of the map... and creating the patch.

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