viernes, 8 de julio de 2011

Bob-Omb Battlefield in GoldenEye

Take a walk on this battlefield. Beware of the bombs!
Download the patch here
I've never thought of making the first Super Mario 64 course into a GoldenEye multiplayer map. But I found the geometry and textures already extrated and since the polycount wasn't very high (Kakariko Village, Blue Resort and Holiday Island are more complex) I did a quick test.

It turned out very well. It worked on emu with 4 players, although it failed sometimes on console. So I splitted the level in four parts to make it work in the real hardware.

It still lagged a lot on console and it's unplayable with more than 2 players but I wanted to give the choice to the players. It might be fixed in a future update splitting the map in more parts and adding a lot of fog similar to what I did in Kakariko. But reducing the drawing distance might lessen the strong point of this map.

I did two small changes to the original level to make more multiplayer friendly.
The first one was making a ramp connecting the second and third levels. It's very subtle and you won't noticed it in the distance.
The second addition is a shortcut inside the mountain hiden by the teleport-caves. You can get to the top faster using this path, but then you'll miss the location of one of the most powerful weapons in the level.

The utilities I used were:
-'AutoCAD 2007' to model clipping and add some parts to the map.
-'DeleD CE' to chop the level and export as OBJ.
-'GE Setup Editor' to edit the GoldenEye rom: adding textures to the rom, injecting the level, fix and colour textures, adding shadows and lights, edit the colision (clipping) and portals, put guns and spawn points, modify the skies settings, change the image and name of the map... and creating the patch.

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